About Alfa Laval

About Alfa Laval

How to store renewable energy with Malta solution

245 views 2020-09-17

THE GAME CHANGER FOR RENEWABLES The new energy storage solution has the potential to...

About Alfa Laval

Estrutura Alfa Laval Brasil

2,711 views 2020-03-30

Demonstra toda a estrutura da Alfa Laval Brasil, da unidade São Paulo, onde está localizado o...

About Alfa Laval

Welder traineeship at Alfa Laval Aalborg

290 views 2020-02-11

Alfa Laval Aalborg opens its doors for trainees that can be trained into becoming the next...

About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen

882 views 2019-09-25

Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen is founded on the belief that we achieve more together....

About Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval - Creating better everyday...

53,005 views 2019-07-09

This film gives an insight into Alfa Laval's vision. In 40 years we are expected to be 10 billion...

About Alfa Laval

Three key technologies - the core of Alfa Laval

42,323 views 2019-07-09

Heating and cooling, separation and fluid handling are three vital processes in which Alfa Laval...