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Alfa Laval Solutions for Diesel and Gas Engines

Alfa Laval has a close relationship with engine and vehicle OEMs. As an established original equipment supplier, we deliver quality solutions for diesel and gas engines and transport vehicles manufacturers. Our product development activities focus on providing custom solutions for you and your end customers’ needs.

Our advanced solutions ensure that your state-of-the-art engines and vehicles perform efficiently – with the lowest life-cycle costs and minimum impact on the environment.

00:28 – Brazed Heat Exchanger (BHE)
01:11 – Dedicated Oil Cooler (DOC)
01:28 – AlfaNova
01:46 – Benefits and applications of BHEs, DOCs, and AlfaNovas
02:34 – Alfa Laval Integrated Cooling Solutions (ALICS)
03:23 – Gas to Liquid heat exchangers (GTL)
03:52 – Moatti automatic self-cleaning filters
04:42 – Defender (Alfdex)