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The Importance of Compliance Service

What is required by the legislations to be compliant? What happens if we fail to meet those requirements? And how can we address those requirements? The purpose of this webinar will be to answer those questions and to stress the importance of compliance service.

In this free webinar, you will learn about:
The webinar will include three parts; Why Compliance, The Compliance Service Package and Connectivity.

Part 1: Why Compliance – Our expert will present what is required by the legislations for BWMs to be compliant, and potential consequences of being out of compliance.

Part 2: The Compliance Service Package – Our expert will present the Compliance Service Package, a service offering that aims to ensure full system performance and functionality by addressing the annual requirements by the legislations.

Part 3: Connectivity – Our expert will present Connectivity, a new service offering developed by Alfa Laval to secure compliance over time, increase system uptime and performance, and reduce OPEX.