Design Tips n Tricks - Summary of oparating ranges, sizes, psi, Jamie Hodd


Topics covered:
1:15 - Anatomy and Operating Principles of Plate Heat Exchangers.Jamie Hodd
16:34 - The Heat Transfer Area and Distribution Area of a Heat Exchanger Plate—and how this can give optimum performance. Comparisons. Jamie Hodd
20:30 - Flex-Flow Plates – The next step in Heat Exchanger Optimization! Sandeep Kumar.
24:35 - Gasket insights & Selection.Sandeep Kumar.
34:01 Three innovations in Heat Exchanger Frame Design that lower cost of service. Grecia Ayala.
38:12 - Comparisons on Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers with Shell & Tube Exchangers.Grecia Ayala.
41:32 - Fouling in Heat Exchangers: Types of Fouling and How to Control fouling. Sujeet Bose.
53:00 - Conclusion and next topics. Jamie Hodd.

Jamie Hodd, General Manager, Energy Div.
Sandeep Kumar, Director of Sales, Distribution & e-Business
Grecia Ayala, Sr. Industrial Refrigeration Specialist
Sujeet Bose, Director of Sales, Process & Industrial HE’s,