How to select your own process heat exchangers? (Webinar recording)

Watch the webinar recording to see how to select your own heat exchangers with professional speed and confidence. Stay tuned for the next webinar on alfalaval.ca/training

Time marks and topics:
00:00 Introduction, Sujeet Bose
00:60 The basics of heat transfer, Sujeet Bose
03:34 Technology of plate heat exchangers, Sujeet Bose
07:13 Technology of Compabloc welded plate heat exchangers, Sujeet Bose
09:08 Selection of process heat exchangers, the HexPert platform, Sylvia Kiriaqus
11:20 Compabloc heat exchanger technology. Compabloc versus Shell and Tube technology: Using the HTRI and CASS programs, Reza Moradi
24:27 Compabloc versus Shell and Tube technology: Install footprint and maintenance space factors, Sujeet Bose
25:47 Spiral heat exchanger technology. Advantages, Fouling and cleaning factors, Monica Parra
41:53 Selecting the right heat transfer technology, summary of how to and factors to consider, Sujeet Bose